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About Our Keg Wine

Red's Wine Bar has 9 revolving kegs of wine. One of the benefits to keg wine is that offering a taste from any keg is encouraged. A bottle, once opened the wine needs to be consumed in 48-72 hours before the negative effects of oxygen.



  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions in production and shipping process.

  • Reduces waste from corks, bottle production and labeling.

  • Over a lifespan, one keg will replace one ton of bottles. 

  • Fully recyclable. 



2019 Beyra Blend, Portugal G

2020 Babich Sauvignon Blanc, NZ

Castelli Del Poggio Sweet Moscato

2020 d'Arenberg 'The Hermit Crab' Marsanne Viognier, McLauren Vale

2019 Garofoli Verdicchio Macrina

2019 Julia James Chardonnay, Nappa G

2019 Les Jamelles Sauvignon Blanc, G

2019 San Guiseppe Pinot Grigio G

2019 Sun Garden Gewurztraminer 

2019 Sun Garden Reisling G

2020 Surrau Limizzani Vermintino 

2020 Woolpack Sauv Blanc, NZ


2020 Ame Du Vin, Provence, G

2019 Care Solidarity, Spain G

2020 Beyra Tempranillo, Portugal 

2019 French Pool Toy, G

2020 Lago Vinho Verde Rose G


La Luca Prosecco SPLIT

Gruet Brut California G

2020 Castello D Poggio Moscato D' Asti


2019 Altitudes Cotes Du Roussillion G

2019 Bousquet Malbec, Mendoza G

Castelli Del Poggio Sweet Red 

2019 Carpineto Chianti Classico G

2016 Glenbrook Merlot, CA

2019 Havenscourt Pinot Noir G

2019 Les Jamelles Cab Sauv G

2018 Ch D Marjolet Cotes D Rhone Villiages

2018 Silver Creek Cab Sauv, Ca

2019 Sun Garden Sweet Dornfelder 

2019 Alverdi Sangiovese G

2017 The Big Smooth Zinfandel, G

201 The Specialist Zinfandel, Lodi G


Chloe Chardonnay, CA

Tiamo Pinot Grigio, Italy 

Mutua Sauvignon Blanc NZ

Finger Lakes Rielsing 

Gotham Sabine Rose, Provence

Tribute Cabernet Sauvignon, CA 

A to Z Pinot Noir, OR


Bousquet Malbec, Mendoza

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